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Today, we have been working with LeadsIN for several months to sell our B2B SaaS service. I must admit that finding new sales opportunities is taking place at a good pace and in an energetic environment. Our business is strictly regulated in some European countries in some areas, but they have nevertheless been able to attract the interest of our customers. The LeadsIn team did extensive research on our services, quickly prepared the necessary materials, and the creation of new sales opportunities began as early as the second week. In addition, LeadsIn is very operational in making product-based changes, and tactical changes in SmartTel Plus marketing campaigns are possible in virtually real time. In cooperation with LeadsIn, we have also found an average of 8 new sales opportunities and this number is growing! I definitely recommend LeadsIn to entrepreneurs.

Signe Zujeva

Our most successful strategy for creating new sales opportunities so far combines linking LinkedIn profiles, creating a network of contacts, producing valuable content for them, and cold emails. Our systematic approach helps fill your sales team with a calendar of sales appointments before they get to work in the morning.

Janek Tigane

Years of experience as a sales manager, sales director and entrepreneur have made me value my time the most. In order to be more cunning and successful than competitors in today’s labor market situation, it is necessary to understand and use modern tools and skilled labor so that high-quality sales opportunities reach me directly and I can only focus on getting them locked in and growing the business.

Shubhanshu Chaturvedi

In the era of technology where every day new tools and techniques are coming up and reducing human efforts, you have to be smart enough and well equipped against your competitors. With several years of experience in sales and marketing, I have always searched for something which makes my client´s work easy, fast, smooth and thus I believe automation is the key in today´s professional environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your Sales Process effective for product or service?

It doesn’t matter whether you have a product or service as our Sales Processes are well built for both.

When can i expect the results?

You will start seeing the results from the very first month. On the other hand, some businesses may take a while and that’s why we take a minimum duration of 3 months to give you the best results.

Is automation good for my business?

Yes. We do not keep your business algorithms on automation, we only automate the processes which require no human efforts but you may be wasting time behind them like follow-ups.

Why should I hire LeadsIN instead of an employee?

We do understand that employees are loyal and a valuable asset of an organization, but on the bigger picture, most of the employees have saturated knowledge in different verticals and also sometimes lacks self-initiation, whereas, at LeadsIN we have an in-house team of experts who have worked in different verticals and are self initiators.

I have worked with similar companies before, whats new with your company?

LeadsIN is a team of highly qualified sales and marketing professionals from different backgrounds who understands your business first and create personalized approaches.

What tools are you using?

The tools we are using are all well optimized and recognized to avoid any kind of trouble for your business. We have some of them built by ourselves or some of our white-labeled.

What is the data security of my business?

We sign a Non-Disclaimer Agreement with you to assure you that your data is in safe hands.

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